We leverage the most advanced technologies to deliver fundamental edge to oil traders, investors and corporate leaders


We provide specialized energy analysis, data and advice to oil companies, institutional investors, commodity traders, and technology companies. We design and procure alpha-generating intelligence using cutting-edge SAR and optical satellites, drones, aircraft, and other remote sensors. We leverage cloud-supercomputing and big-data analytics including machine learning and artificial intelligence to process and extract actionable insight faster, more accurately and more economically than traditional and competitive efforts.

Our principals have decades of research, trading and investing experience at some of the most storied financial institutions covering physical and financial energy commodities, public and private energy securities, and energy high-yield credit. We offer a unique fluency and deep understanding of the causal linkages across the hydrocarbon food chain. Together with our principal's extensive history of financial arbitrage innovation, we deliver strategic clarity for our clients navigating the uncertainty of commodity-price volatility, capital raising, asset acquisition and disposition, and energy-market focused product development. We welcome the opportunity to assist you with our world-class team.


Our insight on commodity pricing strategy, hedging techniques and structured finance solutions is available on a consulting basis to support decision making, due-diligence efforts and investment analysis. Our backgrounds combine a deep knowledge of energy investment, high-yield finance and alternative capital markets in an integrated manner not easily accessible at large institutions. Our unique strength is in analyzing special situations, creating palatable and attractive investment strategies, and securing funding from sophisticated investors.

We also have deep experience leveraging alternative and cutting-edge technologies, including satellite and airborne-based sensors, cloud-based supercomputing, and machine learning/artificial intelligence to deliver actionable commodity-market fundamental intelligence. We consult both technology companies developing new data and analysis products for oil and gas customers, and energy investors and traders seeking informational alpha and competitive advantage.


We may be engaged directly by institutional investment and corporate clients, or directed toward a sub-advisory role with pre-existing corporate finance, commercial or investment banking relationships. Importantly, as an unaffiliated consultant, we are also sought out by CEO's and Special Committees of the Board of Directors to act as an honest second opinion, independent voice of reason, or dispassionate arbiter on complex financial issues. Given the consolidation of multi-line financial service providers into today's behemoth institutions, and the wholesale elimination of commodity market capabilities at several, Aremet stands among the few remaining trusted advisors capable of delivering true conflict-free analysis and recommendations.

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