Aremet Delivers Value

Actionable advice designed to enhance decision making

Knowledge Domain

Commodity Expertise:

- Crude Oil
- Gasoline
- Middle Distillates

Industry Expertise:

- Exploration and Development
- Oilfield Services and Equipment
- Refining, Blending and Marketing
- Transportation and Logistics
- Upstream Technology

Transactional Expertise:

- Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions
- Asset Acquisition and Divestiture
- Credit Restructuring
- Commodity-Price Hedging

Energy Advisory Scope

Hedging and Commodity-Price Risk Mitigation

- Plan Design and third-party Implementation Recommendation
- Fairness Assessment of Potentially Conflicted Party Transactions
- Contract Negotiation and Creditor Covenant Incorporation

Hydrocarbon Reserve Acquisition and Development Finance (Equity and High-Yield Capital):

- Highly-Leveraged PDP financing
- Mezzanine and High-Yield Debt
- MLP and Private Equity Finance

Structured Petroleum Finance (Debt and Debt-like Capital): 

- Conventional Financing (RBLs, Trade Finance, Equipment Leasing, Secured Lending, Project Finance)
- Unconventional Methods (VPP's, Pre-export Finance, Captive Insurance)

Fundamental Energy Research (Supply, Demand, Storage, Transportation, Pricing):

- Equities, Debt and Financial Derivatives
- Macro and Regional Energy Commodity Analysis